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We have a range of surveys and comprehensive reports created in conjunction with clinical psychologists, industry leaders and expert leadership coaches.  These surveys address a range of business topics including leadership, teams, resilience, 360 degree feedback, capability frameworks and personal effectiveness.
We also have a dedicated development team available to rapidly customise surveys to meet your specific business needs or to produce reports according to your specifications.



Achieve More with Strategic Surveys


We currently have in place a range of surveys which clients can access and utilise virtually immediately.  These include:

* Team Effectiveness Surveys (various)
* Leadership Effectiveness Surveys
* Leadership Capability Frameworks
* Personal Effectiveness Surveys
* Resilience Surveys
* Personal Energy Management Surveys

All you need to do to access these surveys is provide us with the relevant contact details for participant, branding information and any other information to ensure the survey meets your specific needs.  

Time to implement is extremely short for these surveys.


Many organisations have specific needs, such as customer satisfaction surveys, staff health check surveys and staff exit surveys. Strategic Surveys is able to work with you to:

* Identify objectives Tailor questions to best align with your objectives
* Construct the survey to minimise the potential of biased responses
* Establish promotion and communication strategies to ensure a high return rate is achieved
* Manage the processing of responses
* Produce reports to best illustrate outcomes
* Deliver reports and highlight results via presentations (if appropriate)


Strategic Surveys provides an end-to-end service for our clients.  Rather than just design, produce and deliver a survey that meets your needs, we are able to:

* Provide pre-survey briefings to relevant audiences (e.g. public, customers or staff)
* Analyse outcomes and provide recommendations
* Facilitate workshops with respect to outcomes (e.g. staff focus groups, community forums, management workshops)
* Support implementation of outcomes (e.g. development of an implementation strategy to address outcomes)


We want to help your business grow

Strategic Surveys commenced in 2011 in response to market demand for solutions that are innovative, can be rapidly developed and can be reliably delivered.  We initially focused on 360 degree feedback surveys but these have evolved into a comprehensive offering of surveys which can meet virtually any need.


​Since 2004,  Strategic Leadership Pty Ltd has been working with individuals, teams and organisations to help them achieve success in their current circumstances and in positioning for the future.  We structure our business around an extensive range of consulting, training and coaching services.The team at Strategic Leadership comprises highly experienced and well-credentialed facilitators, coaches and consultants.  Our qualifications include psychology, medicine and business and all of our team are accredited in numerous psychometric instruments.  We have worked in large and small organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, and with all levels of staff: executives, boards of management, general management, team leaders and general staff members.  We have also led or supported consulting, training and coaching initiatives on behalf of Australia’s premier business schools.As the name implies, much of our work is centred on leadership and the range of disciplines linked to effective leadership.  While we maintain a core of proven product and service offerings, we have also developed a strong reputation for the way we are able to flexibly respond to the unique needs of our customers around the core leadership model.​

CREATING our own solution

Through years of experience consulting and working with organisations of all sizes and structures, our team developed their own comprehensive range of individual surveys, starting in 2010.  Team Effectiveness, Resilience, Engagement and full 360 degree personal effectiveness are just some of the reports which been produced and run alongside workshops and individual coaching to maximise the benefits.

creating a solution to fit you

Through working with industry leaders and development experts we realised we could offer our experience in building and creating business enhancing surveys and reports to organisations that have a wide variety of needs and specific solutions.  Since 2011 we have created customised surveys and can run and produce automatic reports on a virtually unlimited scale.  We save you from compiling and analysing thousands of points of data - just tell us what you want to know and how you want the information produced, and we can create the entire solution for you from the ground up.  Call us today to find out more and how we can work for you!

your data is important!

At Strategic Surveys, we take care to ensure your data is maintained in a secure environment and your privacy is fully respected.  We utilise our own developers and also third party security systems, both of which constantly monitor and update our security policies and procedures.  This ensures data collection and the subsequent storage of that data is protected from internal and external unauthorised access.We regularly assess our infrastructure and applications for vulnerabilities and remediate those that could impact the security of customer data. Our team continually evaluates new tools to increase the coverage and depth of these assessments.  Scripts, CMS installations and database management systems are constantly updated to ensure the highest level of protection against malicious attacks or unwanted access.   Our online surveys used for private data collection are not listed publicly and are not accessible via search engine or to web crawlers.  They can only be accessed by direct link and can optionally also require a password which will be automatically generated and sent to the user by secure email. Our development team is committed to ensuring all clients have reliable access to our website and contact information, as well as any surveys, reports or other client specific data.


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