Customised. Flexible. 360.

At Strategic Surveys, we help you to achieve your potential as a consultant, organisation, researcher or individual by offering fully customisable, affordable software solutions for surveys and reporting.

We also offer a range of organisational surveys covering everything from Leadership to Resilience.

Organisational Surveys

We have a range of surveys which clients can access and utilise virtually immediately. These include:

– Team Effectiveness Surveys (various)
– Leadership Effectiveness Surveys
– Leadership Capability Frameworks
– Personal Effectiveness Surveys
– Resilience Surveys
– Personal Energy Management Surveys

Custom Surveys

Limitless question types and completely customisable design – have your surveys created with your branding, to your specifications.  Advanced question logic and branching with dozens of complex question types.  Anything you need to get the data you want!

Custom Reports

Dynamically generated PDF reports from your live survey data – hundreds of chart types, any images, text, you name it! If we don’t already do it, we can build it for you.

Bring your data to life

We take your ideas and develop your unique solution from the ground up – so you don’t have to worry about the technical details, and can focus on creating a brilliant end product!
Customised 360 & Self Surveys

Multiple question types and advanced survey logic (hide or show questions based on previous responses). All produced to your specification and branding!

Customised Reports

Generate complex pdf reports from your surveys you have designed, to present your data in any way you can imagine

Automated Processes

Automated invitations and reminders to survey participants, set up to your schedule through our administration portal.

Our Survey Solutions

Leadership, Team, Resilience and Engagement – we have a full range of ready-to-go survey solutions

Development & Collaboration
We can work with your organisation to craft a complete coaching solution that suits your business needs

Consulting & Facilitation

Strategic Surveys provides an end-to-end service for our clients. We offer full coaching and faciliation services for all of our own survey and report solutions.

In partnership with Strategic Leadership, our surveys and reporting solutions have been used in coaching and consulting with a wide variety of organisations, including:

Save time and money with our cost effective solutions

No more worrying about chasing up survey participants, compiling their data or producing reports – we do all that for you!


Automated Emailing

You supply the schedule and participants, we do the rest

Automated Reporting

On the scheduled date we compile all responses and deliver your pdf reports


Available 7 days a week to help with any issues or changes you might need along the way

Come and see examples of our surveys and reports – or contact us to organise a demo!