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How long does it take to set up a survey and reporting system?

This depends on your requirements - if you would like a custom URL and private database, there is an initial set up time of around a week to get this set up and tested for you.

A simple and low-customisation survey and reporting system can be fully set up within 2 weeks. However, generally 2 - 4 weeks is an approximate timeline as our clients value unique customisation!

For example, a new survey system (single or multiple surveys linked together for individuals, teams, or 360) can take between 1 to 3 weeks.  This can vary depending on the complexity and the customisation of the design required.  A simple quantititative survey - primarily text based with 10 or less questions and a simple template design - can be set up and customised to your basic branding within a couple of days.  Complex design elements or question logic can add a week or two to the set up time.

Similarly, a complex report can take 2 to 3 weeks to develop, depending on the layout and data analysis required.  However a simple quantitative report, with basic design and branding elements, can be developed within a week.

If you require something totally new and unique, developed from scratch for your company - contact us and we will work on a plan of action and timeline for you!

Absolutely - the surveys are custom designed to your specifications, including question content and functionality!
Yes - send us your design specifications, and the information on how the data from the survey links into the report itself and we will create it for you.
Yes, if you have multiple surveys that you will want to combine data in different ways we will be able to accomodate this. Depending on if we have created a similar system in the past, we may be able to adapt it for you or develop one from scratch.
There are many factors involved in creating your unique, customised survey and report system. You can have a standalone survey with simple CSV export for as little as $350. On the other end of the scale we could build you a complex 360 system with User Portal access and individual and team summary reports, on a custom URL, with 100+ questions and extensive mathematical data analysis and charts for up to $3500. Generally our customers can have a fully customised survey and reporting solution set up for between $1200 and $2000, depending on their requirements. See our pricing page for more information, and you can use the form on that page to contact us directly for an obligation-free quick quote.
No - there are set-up fees for a new survey and report system, and this is a once off charge. There will be charges for producing a report for a participant or team, and if any additional administration help is required this may be included in the report fee or charged ad-hoc. See our pricing page for more information.
Unfortunately we need to host the database on our own servers, in order to link the automated reporting and admin/user portals into the survey data. However we can customise the branding of the survey and portal pages to match your website, and give you a unique custom URL using one of our many generic survey domains (eg., or
No, you can add as many participants as you like, and you can also add as many administrators to the portal system as you require.

We have our own administration portal, and use a combination of open source and in-house survey software that we adapt to our customers' requirements. Our primary feature is total customisation, and if our current platform doesn't do what you require, we can adapt it or create a new one to suit your needs. Just contact us to find out if we can handle your unique requirements!

See below for the standard process for creating your fully customised solution.

How Does It Work?

  1. 1
    Design your survey

    Any questions, competencies, branding. Decide if you need a 360, 180 or self/team survey.

  2. 2
    Design your report

    Send us a specification/design of how your survey questions should be displayed and analysed - any images, branding, content - it's all up to you!

  3. 3
    Design your emails

    Get a basic template for your invite and reminder emails - we can show you common templates if you would like a starting point.

  4. 4
    We start developing

    We will create your own survey and administration portal, set up your emails, and develop your reports. Your surveys will be ready to test within a week and the reports within 2 - 4 weeks (depending on complexity)