Survey Features

Multiple question types:

    • Multiple Choice - drop down or radio buttons
    • Slider - dynamic javascript sliders
    • Yes/No- either/or question types (gender, agree/disagree) with 'other' option available
    • Text Entry- Plain text entry for display (comments, feedback)
    • Dropdown with search- advanced javascript search drop down, able to handle hundreds of options

Unlimited options:

    • Advanced Survey Logic - hide/show questions and question groups based on previous responses
    • Dynamic display - customise text based on participant information
    • Flexible - save and resume surveys later

Fully Responsive

All our surveys are created to be fully compatible with all mobile devices. They are tested on tablets, phones and laptops to ensure they look great no matter how they are being viewed!


Automated invitations and reminders

In the administration portal you can add/edit all round information including:

    • Scheduled Intervals
    • Scheduled Dates
    • BCC and Admin emails

Administration Portal

Secure administration portal for survey management

    • Multiple Administrators - add your own with optionally limited access to specified survey programs
    • Add new rounds/programs - specify dates, reminder intervals, BCC emails and more
    • Add/Cancel participants - in bulk (via CSV) or individually
    • Edit Email Templates - using html editors, add your own logos, images, content
    • Resend Emails - You can manually resend any emails at any time

User Portal

User portal for nominating/approving respondents - used in the 'manager approval' 360 and optionally in other types

    • Secure login by email address
    • Users automatically created when added to a survey program
    • Action alerts
    • Dynamically updated - every 60 seconds, so the user is on top of what needs to be completed