Surveys and Reports to meet your business needs

Due to the flexibility of our services, and the total customisation of the survey and reporting systems available, the following information is only a rough guide to what your own system setup and functionality may require. If what you are looking for isn’t covered here, please contact us and we will likely be able to build it for you from scratch! For pricing information, please contact us using the quote form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

The following features are the standard base for a fully bespoke survey and reporting system - and each stage is customisable to your specific requirements.


Administration portal and survey system set up with your branding

One time cost

  • Custom URL & Private Database
  • Your own private server account - if requested
  • Administration Portal access
  • User Portal – if required
  • Email and phone support
  • Automation and Report generation


Create a survey with your branding, functionality and questions

One time cost

  • Customised – fully developed to your design and specifications
  • 360 or Individual (Self or Team/Group) surveys
  • Up to 150 questions
  • 10+ Question types including text, multiple choice, sliders, ranking, image selection
  • Complex Logic – branching based on question responses or participant specific information


Report developed to your design, with your analysis and results

One time cost

  • Customised – fully developed to your design and specifications
  • Data analysis and charts
  • Text/comments and static images
  • PDF and CSV output
  • Your branding
  • Save time and effort – never worry about compiling and analysing survey data again!


Survey access and report generations for a 360

Per user/report generated

  • Generated and emailed to you at the end of a survey round or delivered through our portal
  • Single fee per participant who has a report generated
  • Includes support and administration assistance while the round is active

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