Report Features

Customised PDF reports, with options such as:

    • Images - Logos, static image display, dynamic images dependent on survey responses - you name it!
    • Data Analysis - Average/Mean/Spread/Frequency/Trends
    • Charts - either/or question types (gender, agree/disagree) with 'other' option available
    • CSV export - group or individual data available for CSV export alongisde your PDF reports
    • Text Display - Plain text entry for display (comments, feedback)
    • Branding - your colour schemes, logos, any company specific design elements - we can incorporate it all.

Completely Flexible Design

You provide us with graphic templates and designer specifications and we will develop them uniquely for you. Some features customers currently use:

    • Header/Footers - add your logo, participant name or anything else to each page
    • Table layout - have text or images in beautifully laid out columns
    • Custom Fonts - if you can provide the .ttf file, we can integrate the fonts into our reports

Charts and Graphics

We currently use a combination of our own chart code, and third party charting software such as pChart2, Google Charts, HighCharts and many more. Most often a customer will have a specific idea or design for a chart in mind, so if we don't already have something to suit we create it from scratch! Our current charting types include:

  • Bar Charts - Standard or stacked; 2D and 3D options; Horizontal or Vertical
  • Pie Charts - Standard, Polar, multi-level; 2D and 3D options
  • Polar or Radial Charts
  • Line or Area Charts
  • Image Charts
  • Gauges
  • Word Clouds
  • Combination - combine any of the above
  • Custom design - if none of the above suit, design your own!